New NGFW in the market SafeUTM:
Why is it the best fit for you?
SafeUTM Webinar
Learn about the latest Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)
Discover SafeUTM's advanced threat detection capabilities
Understand why SafeUTM is the best choice for you
What will you learn?
This webinar will provide an in-depth overview of SafeUTM's features and benefits, including its advanced threat detection capabilities, real-time monitoring, and easy-to-use interface.
Attendees will also learn how SafeUTM is the best fit for business, with its affordable pricing and customizable options. Join us to discover how SafeUTM can help your business stay safe and secure in today's ever-evolving cyber landscape.
Application Control
Stream scanning of downloaded files and scripts by Kaspersky and ClamAV antiviruses. Blocking viruses before they get into the local network.
Traffic antivirus scan
Monitoring and
Allows to block traffic through Skype, WhatsApp, BitTorrent, Youtube, Steam, Tiktok etc. For certain users and groups of users.
Why SafeUTM?
Intrusion Prevention System
Content Filter
(IPS) Blocking attacks, DoS, spyware, Windows telemetry, command centers, botnets, crypto miners, prevention of virus activity inside the network. Blocking unreliable regions by GeoIP and IP reputation.
Internet access control with blocking of over 500 mln addresses in 146 categories – Phishing/Fraud, Malware Distribution Centers, Botnets, Secret Data Acquisition, Spam, Ads (banners) etc.
Categorized reporting on using web resources. Reports on allowed and blocked websites, detailed logs on resource visit times.
Saves your technical specialists' time with an intuitive admin interface that doesn't require additional knowledge, and filtering rules that allow your employees to focus on work, not external services.
Set traffic quotas and shaping for best performance and effective resource distribution. Increase your network efficient speed by up to 40% by removing torrents, banners, spyware and other useless/malicious traffic.
Be in charge of your business with graphic dashboards and live reports on your network status in 1 click.
Grow your business with Safe UTM: no complicated calculations are required to foresee the future and understand the license cost.
Increase your service availability from the outside safely. Organize work of your employees in the office, remotely, or in a distributed team via SafeUTM VPN.
SafeUTM for Success of Your Business