Educational institutions in today's world face many challenges in security part when it comes to developing their own IT infrastructure. When developing our product, we have taken these challenges into account and now we are ready to offer a comprehensive solution that will solve most of them.
Inappropriate content
One of the main challenges is keeping students away from inappropriate content they might accidentally or deliberately encounter on the Internet. Having a system to help filter such content is a necessity these days. And it's not just about devices located in classrooms, but also about WiFi hotspots that students can connect to.
SafeUTM is a useful tool for guaranteeing students' safety online. It provides various functions to protect them from unsuitable content, ensuring a secure digital learning environment:

SafeUTM uses robust content filtering mechanisms to block access to websites and online content containing inappropriate material. This prevents students from accessing harmful or distracting content.

SafeUTM allows you to enforce safe search settings for popular search engines, reducing the likelihood that students will encounter obvious or inappropriate search results.

SafeUTM includes reporting and monitoring features that allow administrators and educators to track online activity and identify any issues and trends related to access to undesirable content.

SafeUTM allows you to protect a whole subnet dedicated to the hotspot and create a separate set of rules for it.
SafeUTM solution
Infrastructure protection
While it's important to protect people who are using your network, it's also crucial to remember about your own services. You need to protect your websites, databases, and other critical assets from external and internal threats.
SafeUTM includes a firewall that can be configured to filter incoming and outgoing network traffic. This helps in blocking unauthorized access to internal services and databases, as well as mitigating various external threats.

SafeUTM includes intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) that can monitor network traffic for suspicious activity and block or alert administrators about potential intrusions or attacks.

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) within SafeUTM can protect web applications and services from various types of web-based attacks, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and more.

With those features integrated into SafeUTM, you can effectively protect your own services and infrastructure from a wide range of external and internal threats. This holistic approach to network security ensures that both users and critical internal resources remain secure in today's increasingly interconnected digital landscape.
SafeUTM solution
Compliances and viruses
Compliance with various regulations and standards is a critical aspect of operating educational institutions in today's digital age. Educational institutions, whether they are K-12 schools, colleges, or universities, need to adhere to a range of compliance requirements to ensure the safety, security, and privacy of students, staff, and sensitive data. Protecting your infrastructure from viruses is no less important. Viruses can steal or corrupt your data, which can have irreversible consequences.

By taking a comprehensive approach to network protection, SafeUTM enables you to meet most of the compliance requirements for educational institutions for network and information protection.

SafeUTM's reliable web antivirus is always working hard to scan your network for viruses and potential threats, providing an essential layer of protection.

It's important to note that while SafeUTM is a powerful tool, it's still recommended to use endpoint antivirus software for optimal security.
SafeUTM solution