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Starting from 2010, SafeDNS has been providing the most crucial layer of cybersecurity for more than 4000 businesses to keep their data safe.
In 2020 we introduced the technology beyond Cloud Based Filtering - SafeUTM, Next Generation Firewall for Ultimate Network Protection.
Our proven scalability ensures that SafeUTM can grow alongside your business, adapting to your ever-evolving security needs. We take pride in our close-to-immediate support, providing you with peace of mind that expert assistance is just a call or click away. Whether you're a small business or a larger enterprise, SafeUTM is the perfect fit to safeguard your network and help your organization thrive securely in the digital age.
Introducing SafeUTM, we are committed to upholding the core philosophy of SafeDNS by making network security simple, accessible, and user-friendly for everyone.
We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses of all sizes, which is why SafeUTM has been designed to seamlessly integrate into any environment.
With a 30-minute out-of-the-box installation process on nearly every platform, we make it easy for companies to quickly implement our advanced security solutions.
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Ransomware attacks aimed at businesses have been on the rise, topping out at a staggering 68.5% of companies victimized in 2021. Even more alarming is that the average remediation costs for impacted businesses reached approximately $2 million as of 2020.
With the latest events in the international arena unfolding faster each day and new unheard-of threats hacking huge companies that seemed untouchable, it is becoming impossible for businesses to ignore the need for additional layers of security.
Ransomware’s Worst Enemy Can Save Your Business From Millions in Damages
Time to Gear Up Your Company's Cybersecurity
SafeDNS can be your ideal partner in ensuring your business remains safe online. Security is one of the most pressing concerns for businesses of all sizes, as no-one wants to be caught out by malware or other risks when trying to grow and expand.
We've all come across warnings when visiting suspicious websites. Your browser or search engine might even block you from entering, displaying a message that this site may harm your device. But what if the site you're trying to visit is not flagged as malicious?
Why web filtering can be your company's secret weapon to staying protected
Search Engines are Missing Infected Sites, Putting Businesses At Risk
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