mln of threats
detected daily
of the network performance increasing
Next Generation Firewall SafeUTM
Accessible Network Security for Any Size of the Business
NGFW SafeUTM is equipped with a wide range of network security software tools:
Embedded VPN
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
Web Filtering Software
Blocking Anonymizers and GeoIP
Protection from Bot Networks,
Phishing and Spyware
Application Control (DPI)
Protection for Internal Resources (WAF)
Antivirus and Antispam Traffic Checks
Frequent Updates
Flexible Deployment
With 3-4 main releases and 5-7 minor updates each year (free for active users!), NGFW SafeUTM has the fastest R&D on the market.
NGFW SafeUTM is completely hardware-agnostic and can be installed as a software or virtual appliance. You don't need to purchase pricy additional hardware as SafeUTM is compatible with any platform. Use your favorite or existing hardware to ensure efficient network protection.
Still need help with installation? SafeUTM Guards are there for you to assist with installation and configuration. Contact us and request to create filtering rules that are tailored to your unique needs and professional requirements (even for small businesses!).
Is the percentage of traffic entering your organization's internal network that is actually useless junk. Our cutting-edge NGFW SafeUTM will shield your network from torrents, advertisements, adware, and viruses.
URL addresses in Next Generation Firewall SafeUTM’s Content Filtering Database updated daily through State-of-the-Art AI and Machine Learning System.
Is the average number of cyber threats blocked by the SafeUTM firewall daily. SafeUTM Internet filtering software blocks threats whilst the external network loads.
500 million
10 million
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SafeUTM is a commercial firewall with 24/7 premium support included in any license. We offer a unique customer support experience with average technical engineer response time of under 3 minutes. Speak to us through a chat widget within the product interface and get your answers in no time.
Easy to Use
Our highly-skilled technical team of SafeUTM Guards can help you optimize network security by supplying specific network security software tools on an individual basis, based around your specific needs.
SafeUTM firewall saves your technical specialists' time with an intuitive admin interface that doesn't require additional knowledge, and filtering rules that allow your employees to focus on work, not external services.
Free Daily Updates
Our partner program offers a unique opportunity for businesses to join forces with SafeUTM and provide their customers with top-of-the-line cybersecurity solutions.
As a partner, you'll receive exclusive benefits, including access to training and technical support, deal protection system, as well as the opportunity to expand your business and increase revenue. For more information, click on the button below.
Partner Program
New Level of Customer Support: SafeUTM Guards
Book a call to receive:
online support in installation and configuration of SafeUTM;
pre-configured trial version of SafeUTM for specific size of business, industry and challenges to be sorted;
most recent insights on network
security trends;
free of cost consultation on network security best practices and ways to prevent even most sophisticated cyber-attacks;
They provide 24/7 support and consultancy services to licensed SafeUTM users and now are expanding their coverage through the "Speak to SafeUTM Guards" initiative.
SafeUTM Guards by SafeDNS are a team of highly-skilled cybersecurity experts united by years of experience and passion to help people.