Support is an essential component of any cybersecurity product. Any customer of SafeUTM can get comprehensive help from our dedicated support team without any extra fee, even within the Free Tier.

Additionally, the Starter Kit and Enterprise packages both offer an extensive level of support in the form of 24/7 chat widget which is available in the UI with 3 minutes response SLA.

At SafeUTM, we are proud to offer an unmatched customer support experience and provide swift and reliable assistance with setting up the product or with guidance on troubleshooting any issues.

In emergency situations our support engineers can connect to your SafeUTM instance via remote assistant and configure it up to your needs.

Why choose SafeUTM Premium Support?
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Phone number (US): +1 (800) 820-25-30
Phone number (outside US): +1 (571) 421-29-90
E-mail address:

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If your company does not have a qualified security specialist available, our pre-sales engineer will assist you in installation and configuration of the Next-Generation Firewall according to your specific requirements. This service is provided as part of our post-sales support, ensuring that you receive the necessary expertise and guidance to effectively set up and optimize your SafeUTM instance. Our pre-sales engineer will work closely with you to understand the traffic routing in your network and your security needs, recommend best practices along with step-by-step assistance to ensure a successful configuration process.

Feel free to reach the pre-sale engineer assigned to your account to get help with the SafeUTM installation and configuration.
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